If you’re experiencing hostile territory you need the SAS - If you’re experiencing hostile weather you need Brecon Boilers

Boilers can blow at any point during the year. If they haven’t been used for a long time over summer perhaps or just a quick central heating turn on can reveal problems. In the winter months, it can leave you in the cold, but at Brecon Boilers, we are on hand for boiler servicing in Brecon. With a breadth of experience in a range of scenarios, we have developed a reputation in the Brecon area for any of your boiler servicing or repair. Our service is important to the area in which we serve and we are trusted as a Powys Country Council contractor. This means that our expertise is called upon by the Council to provide help in emergencies and more. From churches, mobile food outlets and industrial boiler work, we have installed, replaced and serviced hundreds of boilers for clients all over the Brecon Beacons. All our engineers are highly-skilled to deal with every and any problem that can occur. We put the safety of your family and your property first to keep you warm and secure this winter. If you have any questions about your boiler and want to find out: why does my boiler make that sound, or what does this light mean? Get in touch with our team so we can help you.